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Wholesale Cleaning Supplies

On the lookout for bulk and wholesale commercial cleaning products at reasonable prices? We understand the needs of busy businesses, and have made the process of purchasing cleaning products online as simple and efficient as possible.

Welcome to Premier Hygiene Cleaning Supplies

Our team understands that whether you run a hotel, a contract cleaners, or work in a busy office, it’s often hard to find the time out of your day to get hold of the cleaning products your business requires (and keep them fully stocked).

From bulk toilet rolls and paper towels to trusted hoover brand and microfibre cloths, we’ve got the range of cleaning products that busy businesses can not operate without.

At Premier Hygiene, we are a one-stop-shop for all wholesale cleaning supply needs. We understand the difficulties that can come with purchasing cleaning products in bulk, therefore we’ve made the process of getting good quality, low-price cleaning products as easy as possible.

Based in a central location in the UK, we have the logistics capability and knowledgable team to rapidly fulfil your order, and ensure that your cleaning products are efficiently delivered right to your business.

Our team even offers personal advice so that you can choose the range of products that are actually needed for your business, whether that’s keeping your office clean or updating stock in a busy warehouse.

We stock very popular ranges such as the sought-after paper hand towels and couch rolls collections, along with specific vacuum models that have been trusted by cleaning companies for years.

We’ve shortened the process of purchasing cleaning supplies down to make it as simple as possible to quickly get hold of the products you require, to get a cleaning job done. From the home to the office and much more, there’s never been a better time to save money on cleaning supplies by getting them in wholesale (just think of the headaches saved!).

So, whether you’re looking for name-brand cleaning products or simply need a luxury range of wholesale cleaning supplies, you’re in the right place!

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