5 cleaning products every office needs

5 cleaning products every office needs

The fact that offices get dirty should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever worked in one before. Hundreds of people trudging through every day with muddy shoes creates a cleaning nightmare – not to mention all the crumbs that fall off the cake trolley. 

Office cleaning is a major operation, but to do it effectively, you need the right products in your janitorial cupboard. 

Here are the five cleaning products no office can survive without

A Decent Mop And Bucket

Mops are hot right now, and for a good reason: there’s no better way of cleaning up the mess in your office canteen, kitchen, toilets, cloakrooms and any other place where you have hard flooring. 

The reason mops are so effective has to do with the way the fibres arrange themselves on the mop head. Each strand mixes with soapy water and becomes a magnet for dirt, eliminating all of the nasties office workers bring in on their shoes every time they come to work. 


Washroom Cleaner

Office washrooms – toilets to you and I – have a high throughput. The average office worker visits the restroom a couple of times per day. Thus, if you have one hundred people in your office, that’s two hundred bathroom visits per day, one thousand per week, or four thousand per month. 

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that washrooms require cleaning regularly. Washing room cleaner should, therefore, be on your list of cleaning essentials. It uses a unique formulation to eliminate the kind of mess and dirt you’re likely to encounter in office toilets. 


A Stash Of Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths are the perfect cleaning tools for busy offices. They work how you might imagine: tiny little fibres glide effortlessly over surfaces, picking up dust, dirt and grime en route. They’re the perfect accessory for cleaning monitor screens, keyboards, mice, office desks and telephones. 

What’s more, they’re cheap too. You can buy them in bulk and save yourself a fortune. 


Hand Towels

While microfibre cloths might be suitable for minor soiling, sometimes you need something for those nastier spills. 

Enter hand towels. The great thing about handtowels is their absorbency. Let’s say that one of your colleagues has spilt their orange juice on their desk. Not to worry; paper hand towels to the rescue!

Paper hand towels can often slurp up to ten times their weight. They’re also great for providing the finishing touches when you’ve wetted a surface with a cleaner and want to dry it off quickly. 

Oh and, finally, paper hand towels are a lovely finishing touch if you want to imbue your bathrooms with a little luxury. Who wants to use an air hand dryer anyway? 


Vinyl Gloves

Cleaning products might be great for cleaning up stains and mopping up spills, but they can be unkind to the hands. 

It’s vital, therefore, that you have a range of disposable gloves on hand – literally! Vinyl disposable gloves are cheap, practical, and stop your hands from getting sore or drying out. Plus they protect you from bacteria. 


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