Complete Wholesale Cleaning Products Range

If you’re looking for wholesale cleaning supplies at low prices, look no further than our extensive range of products at Premier Hygiene.

We’ve supplied cleaning products in bulk to contract cleaners and businesses for years, and now you can purchase our premium range in wholesale too.

It’s easy to assume that because cleaning products are cheap, they are not of a superior quality to leading brands. This could not be further from the truth with our range of products, and from toilet rolls and cloths to vacuums and mops, we’ve made it our mission to source high-quality products that are ultimately reliable and get the job done.

In recent years, more and more homeowners and cleaners are waking up to the huge cost benefits of purchasing their everyday items in bulk. From stocking up on toilet roll for the family, to ensuring you won’t run out of air freshener refills for the foreseeable future, purchasing in bulk saves time and money. Discover what you’ve been missing with the wholesale range!


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