Red Mop Bucket

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Durable Red Mop Bucket

The red mop buckets from our complete mop collection are one of the most popular choices, due to the competitive cost and simply how robust the mop buckets are.

A cleaners best friend, investing in a collection of mop buckets will allow for ease of colour-coding based on cleaning agents and even for different rooms. Whilst this is more common with contract cleaning agencies, homeowners and businesses are also starting to turn to their own cleaning regimes in a bid to save money, hence the growth in popularity of the coloured mop buckets.

The PH100 red mop bucket is a 10 litre construct, durably built and easy to disassemble with a detachable sieve. The sturdy carry handle is also crafted for comfort and piece of mind, so you’ll never have to worry that the handle will fail when moving several litres of cleaning agent.

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