PH200 White Centrefeed 2ply 1 x 6 Rolls

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Premium White Centrefeed Rolls

Centrefeed rolls are a must-have for any office or busy business, and the 2ply white centrefeed rolls are a firm favourite of our customers, both wholesale and single products.

We’ve strived to keep PH200 rolls as cheap as possible, whilst maintaining superior quality with 2ply tissue paper that is made from recycled product. Ideal as a standard tissue wipe in business toilets, or as a counter-top roll (many businesses or even homeowners will use the white 2ply as an alternative to kitchen roll), the rolls are incredibly easy to use and replace by removing the centre and simply replacing.

With a serrated edge, it’s very easy to tear this paper, and ensure that when a spillage occurs or you need to grab a handful of centrefeed roll at a moments notice, you won’t be stuck pulling at it as it will come straight off.

  • Case of white centrefeed comes with 6 rolls as standard
  • Wholesale & Bulk enquiries welcomed
  • Affordable, high-quality roll recommended for general use
  • Recycled tissue
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