White 20 Inch Couch Roll – PH207

White 20 Inch Couch Roll – PH207

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Looking for premium couch roll?

The white couch roll from the Premier Hygiene collection is perfect for medical institutions, doctors offices, and sports massage centres in need of low-cost couch roll that is of the highest quality.

Often bought in wholesale or bulk-purchases to keep costs even lower, the 20 inch roll is a must-have for any medical practitioners that use the paper roll as part of their everyday jobs.

Often confused with centrefeed roll, couch roll refers to how the roll is pulled across from its base, covering the ‘couch’ or medical seat, and very easy to tear and remove.

The 2ply paper is thick enough to withstand contact with fluids, and will hold-up against movements such as the shifting wait of a patient on a medical chair.

Further information includes:

  • 2ply paper roll
  • 9 x 40m
  • White couch roll
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