PH208 Blue 20 inch Roll

PH208 Blue 20 inch Roll

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2Ply Blue Couch Roll

The 2o inch blue couch rolls are a firm favourite and a product that we frequently see purchased in bulk, due to its many cleaning capabilities and versatility when it comes to handling a wide range of cleaning agents.

From wiping away dirt in the kitchen to tackling grime in working environments, couch rolls are the equally popular counterpart to centrefeed rolls, and get the job done just as well.

The 2ply roll means that the material is strong and capable of mopping up spills with ease, and is low-cost enough to allow the user to be generous with the amount used in each tear.

The blue couch roll comes in a pack of 9, and when purchased in bulk you’ll certainly never be stuck for a go-to allrounder when it comes to cleaning up a mess in a hurry.

Due to its length and size, the couch roll is most commonly used in doctors beds and medical environments, therefore if you’re looking for specialised roll, this is the one for you.

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