PH400 Numatic VNR200

PH400 Numatic VNR200

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PH400 Numatic VNR200

The Nuvac 200 or VNR 200 is a commercial vacuum cleaner. Although from the same range as the VNP 180 it has a few major differences to the smaller machine. The first is the rewind system on the head which allows users to quickly and easily wind in the power cable when the machine is not in use. As well as a rewind, the VNR 200 has an eco-friendly 620W motor. In line with European Union Ecodesign legislation that came into force on the 1st of September 2014 the VNR 200 has been rated to the EU test standards. It has been rated B for energy efficiency, F for both carpet and hard floor pick up and C for dust re-emission whilst developing a sound level of 75dB.

The VNR has the same power cable as the NVR 200 which is 12.5 meters long – 2.5 meters longer than the cable fitted to Henry. It is not only the cable length that has been increased on the VNR 200 as this machine’s capacity is 9 litres and you have a choice of bags as both Numatic’s NVM 1CH HepaFlo and the Goldline GL1C bags will fit the Nuvac 200.

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