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PH400 Numatic VNR200 Vacuum (Commercial Hoover)

The VNR 200 is from the well know VNP 180 range of hoovers, favoured by professional cleaners and homeowners the world over.

Otherwise know as ‘Henry The Hoover’, the VNR 200 is an incredibly compact and durable vacuum that is paramount to any serious cleaners arsenal. The VNR 2oo is more advanced than the earlier ranges, based on the successes of the VNP 180 as a starting point of development. The vacuum has been upgraded based on the needs of the buyers, which is incredibly refreshing to see and certainly speaks volumes to the new capabilities of the VNR200.

One of the largest developments is the revolutionary rewind system at the head of the vacuum, which allows for rapid rewind of the power cable with very little effort (and also makes getting tangled in the power cable much less likely when compared to previous models).

The VNR 200 comes equipped with a 620w motor, which was given a B rating in regards to energy efficiency by the EU Ecodesign legislation. Further ratings were also a C in relation to the re-emission of dust, and an F rating for hard floor and carpet picking capabilities.

For the volume-concious cleaners amongst us, the volume in terms of sound averages at 75db for the VNR 200, at a reduced weight so transportation is certainly not an issue (fans of the older Henry hoovers will certainly be familiar with how easy the vacuum is to transport, store and carry).

As previously mentioned and based on the feedback of current customers, the VNR 200 has been given an extended power cable length of 2.5 metres, making 12.5 metres of power cord length in total, and also an increased capacity within the vacuum which is now a whopping 9 litres.

This truly is a fantastic vacuum for cleaners who know what they’re looking for, and want a reliable, modern machine that will provide a powerful job time and again.

For more information about the product in our range of vacuums, or to simply learn more about the VNR200 and how it could be a right for for you, give our friendly team a call or leave a message today.

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