Numatic VNP180 Vacuum – PH402

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The Nuvac vacuum is the perfect alternative to the Henry Hoover, from the manufacturers of Henry itself!

A staple in the arsenal of cleaning companies and homeowners alike, the Nuvac VNP 180 commercial vacuum cleaner is a workhorse when it comes to hoovering up a whole host of dirt and grime. Perfect on floors of all kinds, however we strongly recommend that you purchase the appropriate vacuum heads when cleaning hard floors, or floors that can easily be marked.

The compact body and aluminium wand ensures the hoover is lightweight, and compact enough for ease of transport and storage.

Th 12 metre mains cable makes moving the vacuum around whilst plugged in an easy task, and is long enough to ensure the unit does not need be continually unplugged as you navigate around the cleaning area.

The VNP 180 also comes with:

  • Numatic Hose
  • Metal Attachment (Bent-End)
  • Two Straight Metal Tubes
  • Floor Head
  • Numatic Tool Kit
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