PH501 Automatic Air Freshener Refill

PH501 Automatic Air Freshener Refill

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Automatic Air Freshener Refill

On the lookout for air freshener refills at wholesale prices? The automatic air freshener refill pack at Premier Hygiene is a fantastic solution for cleaning companies and customer-facing businesses looking to keep their workspace smelling clean, as well as businesses and even homeowners looking for a cost-effective solution for refills in the home.

The benefits of automatic air fresheners include constant refreshing smells throughout the day and ease of use (the fact that you never need to press the item unless you need a top-up), however this does mean that you’ll use up product much quicker than you would with a manual unit.

This is why we recommend considering bulk-buying your refills to save both time and money, and ensure you’re always stocked with the latest air freshener.

Points of note include:

  • Odour control unit
  • An extensive spray coverage
  • Recommended for use in rooms of up to 6,000 square feet (for maximum coverage)
  • Sprays per can average – 3,400 metered sprays
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