What’s the difference between centrefeed rolls and couch rolls? 

What’s the difference between centrefeed rolls and couch rolls? 

This is a common question we get asked, and it’s often not thought of until someone purchases the wrong type of roll, so it is in fact a very valid question.

Simply put, the main difference is that couch rolls are for a more specialised usage, whereas centrefeed rolls are the standard blue rolls you’d normally see cleaning companies or offices purchase in bulk. 

Let’s look at a more in-depth explanation regarding the differences between the two rolls.

Couch Roll

A couch roll is thinner and longer than both a standard kitchen roll or a centrefeed roll. Most commonly used in doctors beds, couch rolls dispense from the side and are not usually found in environments other than medical or hospice settings.

The pull system that the couch roll integrates into means that, just like centrefeed rolls, they can be pulled and ripped with ease, however they are substantially wider and longer than the standard rolls and therefore not recommended for everyday use (when centrefeed rolls can do the same job and will be easier to store).

Centrefeed Rolls

The classic blue and white centrefeed rolls and certainly the more popular of the two, favoured because they’re low-cost, reliable and easy to store.

You’ll find centrefeed rolls in most cleaning companies collections, as they are extremely easy to use and are thicker than a standard kitchen roll. The premium quality also often does not reflect the low price, which is why centrefeed rolls are a go-to for cleaners, business owners and even homeowners the world over.

The centrefeed roll pulls down, dispenses rapidly and is easy to tear, making it perfect for dealing with surprise spills.

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