Why purchase cleaning products in bulk?

Why purchase cleaning products in bulk?

Cleaning is an essential part of doing business. Offices need to clean to keep colleagues happy, impress clients, and make going to the bathroom a pleasant experience. Retail outlets need regular cleaning to maintain their shop floor’s spotless appearance and create an excellent customer impression. And factories need cleaning to prevent contamination of their manufacturing processes. 

The reasons businesses in the foodservice need excellent hygiene almost goes without saying. 

Buying cleaning products, however, is a constant chore – something that managers have to do week after week, to ensure that their premises are spotless.

For many, buying in bulk is the solution. Here’s why. 


You Can Finally Stop Wasting Your Time On Repeat Orders

Your time is valuable. The time you spend clicking on websites and ordering cleaning products is time that you could have spent doing something else, like managing and improving your business. 

Placing an order for new cleaning materials can be a drawn-out process. Not only do you have to find the goods you want, but also put them in your basket and go through all the hassle of checking out – and that’s just if you do your shopping online. Costs are even higher if you decide to buy cleaning products in person. 

Buying in bulk gets around this pesky issue. So long as you have space for all the products in a cupboard somewhere, you can place an order once and year and be done with it. 


Bulk Buying Cuts Down On Costs

Then there’s the matter of costs. Cleaning products aren’t cheap. Many companies spend a big chunk of their ongoing running costs on sprays, cloths, brushes, buckets and all the other paraphernalia that you need to clean commercial premises. 

Buying items individually, one-by-one, is the wrong way to go. The costs of individual products are almost always higher than buying, say, ten, a hundred, or a thousand all at once. Additional shipping costs, packaging costs and the hassle of processing more payments all add to the bill. 

Smart managers bypass this altogether by taking advantage of bulk discounts. Bulk discounts for cleaning products typically run in the ten to fifteen per cent range. If you’re lucky, you can sometimes get as much as forty per cent off with the right suppliers. 


Bulk Buying Means You Always Have The Products You Need

Companies often need to clean up their act fast. Inspectors, for instance, might announce that they’re going to pay a visit to your restaurant kitchen some time in the next 48 hours. Clients might ask for a meeting at your office the next day. Executives might decide that they’re randomly going to descend on your factory and you’ve only got a couple of hours to prepare. The reasons for needing to clean immediately are many and varied. 

It helps, therefore, to have the cleaning products that you need to hand. With fully-stocked janitorial cupboard, you can get cleaning underway and eliminate stains, spills, dust and grime at a moment’s notice. You don’t have to endure the hassle of rushing out to the nearest store. 

Got a questions about how you can save money by bulk-buying your cleaning products? Get in touch with the Premier Hygiene team today, and be sure to give our wholesale cleaning section a browse.

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